Local Spotlight: Kip Tiernan

Kip Tiernan

Image courtesy of Ben Watkins.


I’ll be posting some highlights from Legendary Locals of Boston’s South End over the coming weeks as we await the book’s official release. Today, I’d like to share this photograph of Kip Tiernan with you. I’ve also included a small section of Kip’s profile from the book. I extend a big thank you to Ben Watkins for allowing me to use this image and several others.

In 1974, Kip Tiernan opened Rosie’s Place, the first shelter for homeless women in the United States. At the time, no shelters existed for only women, a population often underserved by those who advocated for homeless people. Rosie’s Place gradually expanded its programs to include teaching strategies to help women combat homelessness. In addition to her work with Rosie’s Place, Tiernan also founded or co-founded several other social assistance and justice groups. She died in 2011.

To learn more about Kip, check out her profile on page 33 of the book (it comes out on May 5th!).

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