Local Spotlight: Harry the Greek’s and the Kamenides Family

The South End Historical Society will feature people and information from the book in its South End Trivia and South End Fact social media posts. The first South End Trivia post went out today and it read: “Name the Kamenides family store that opened at Washington & Dover in the early 1950s.”

Did you know the answer?


From left to right, David Kelly, Milton Kamenides, and Sarah Hutt at the store’s closing in 2001. Image courtesy of Sarah Hutt.

Here is a selection from the Kamenides family profile in the book. Special thanks to Sarah Hutt for the image!

Harry and Ann Kamenides opened Harry the Greek’s on the corner of Dover (now East Berkeley) and Washington Streets around 1950. They, and later their son Milton, bought and sold new and used clothing until the store closed in 2001. College students, professors, rich, poor, curious South Enders who spied the store from the elevated Orange Line that ran by—they all came to Harry the Greek’s.

To learn more about the Kamenides family and Harry the Greek’s, check out their profile on page 100 of the book (it comes out on May 5th!).

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