Local Spotlight: The South End News

The South End Historical Society is featuring people and information from the book in its South End Trivia and South End Fact social media posts. Today’s South End Fact post read: “The first issue of the South End News was published in February 1980 at 49 East Springfield Street.”

Want to know more? Read this selection from the South End News’ profile in the book.

Skip Rosenthal and Alison Barnet published the first issue of the South End News on February 15, 1980 from Barnet’s home at 49 East Springfield Street. Contributors to the first edition included John Sacco (Boston policeman assigned to District 4), Richard Card (South End Historical Society founding president and local historian), and others. Rosenthal later sold the paper to James Hoover, who eventually sold it to Sue O’Connell and Jeff Coakley.

To learn more about the South End News, check out their profile on page 102 of the book (it comes out on May 5th!).

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