Local Spotlight: Mary Antin

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the South End Historical Society is featuring people and information from Legendary Locals of Boston’s South End in its South End Trivia and South End Fact social media posts. Today’s South End Trivia post read: “Name the immigrant who lived on Dover Street, went to Girls’ High School, and wrote The Promised Land.”

Do you know the answer?

Mary Antin!

Here is a selection from Mary Antin’s profile in the book: “Born in Polotsk (in what is now Belarus) in 1881, Mary Antin moved to Boston with her family in 1894. She spent some of her teenage years on Dover Street (now East Berkeley Street) in the immigrant-dominated South End. In 1899, Antin published a book of letters she had written during her trip from Polotsk to Boston in 1894. In 1912, she published her autobiography, The Promised Land.”

To learn more about Mary Antin, check out her profile on page 62 of the book (it comes out on May 5th). Pre-order your copy here.

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