Local Spotlight: Jason Yee

Yee is pictured here at eight years old. Photograph by Toshi Sakai, Image courtesy of Jason Yee.

On Tuesdays, the South End Historical Society features people from Legendary Locals of Boston’s South End in its South End Trivia social media posts. Today’s South End Trivia post read:

“In 1995, what South End resident formed & coached the first Boston San-Shou team?”

Did you know the answer? Jason Yee!

Here is a selection from Jason Yee’s profile in the book: “Jason Yee grew up at 301 Shawmut Avenue and then moved to the Piano Factory at 791 Tremont Street with his mother when he was 14. He studied painting and film at the Museum School of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College of Art and screenwriting at the University of California, Los Angeles. Yee started learning kung fu at the age of six from his grandfather Jimmy Sing Yee, who moved to the South End from China in 1936. Yee went on to study with renowned teachers in Chinatown and eventually traveled to China to train. He became a kung fu expert, and in 1991, he earned a medal in the first World San-Shou Championship in Beijing and was ranked third in the world for San-Shou kickboxing.”

To learn more about Jason Yee and San-Shou, check out Jason’s profile on page 74 of the book. Order your copy here.

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